Collection A range of bicycles offering something for everyone

Simply for getting around or to keep yourself in good health: getting about on two wheels is part of your lifestyle. The Collection range provides access to all types of practice and guarantees ease of use. Designed both for adults and children, for urban and mountainous areas, both classic and electric models available… there's a bike for everybody!

  • Trekking
  • Mountain
  • Junior
  • Sport
  • Road
  • Urban
M22 Deore 27
M22 XT 20
M22 SLX 20
M09 Gent
M09 Lady
M02 Altus 21
M02 Acera 24
M02 Deore 27
M02 SLX 20
eC01 Automatic
eT01 Sport
eC01 Deore 10
eT01 Deore 10
eC01 Nexus 8
eT01 XT 10
eC01 NuVinci
eT01 NuVinci
R02.100 Sport
R02.300 Sport
eM02 27,5+ NX 11
eM22 SLX 10
eM22 NX 11
eM22 XT 11
eM02 27,5 Deore 9
eM02 27,5 SLX 10
eM02 27,5+ SLX 10